Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Off to MQS!!!

Well, I'm off to Machine Quilter's Showcase 2010!! Yay! I go to this nearly every year even if it is only a quick trip. This year I'm headed out for 3 days. I'm attending 3 classes and I'll have the time to browse and shop and really look at the quilts. AND...I get 2 nights in a hotel all by myself! I love hotels (by myself anyway)!! It is pouring down rain here so I imagine my drive will be a bit damp. Oh well. It will be a good trip...and my Meg created a special stone for me with her own magic to keep me safe while I'm gone:)

My little one (well, not so little at 11) will be missing me, and I her. She is used to me being here even if she doesn't need anything. But her daddy has promised to keep her busy with fun activities and even a campout in the back yard. Last time they did this (I hate camping:(), our great pyrenee and one cat slept with them. Bella (the pyrenee) is such a good travel, camping, and overall companion dog. They should have a good time and Meg will be looking forward to seeing what I manage to find for her while I'm gone.

I have so many new quilts/table runners/stuff to put up on my site when I get home!!! The weather here has been dreary everytime I get the chance to take pics. So hopefully, things will clear up, dry off and I can get some things posted next week while I prepare for the art show on the 22nd!! If anyone is from Des Moines, check out the art in the garden show at Ted's Garden Center in Cumming! It is a beautiful place and I didn't even know it existed until now!

Okay, off to pack up the car and head out for inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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