Tuesday, October 16, 2012


There is a new marketplace for handmade items.  It is based out of Des Moines and it shows promise of being great.  A friend of mine who worked for Meredith for 18+ years is on their staff so I get to hear bits and pieces of their plans.  Check it out!  It isn't nearly as big as Etsy but just wait...they are working hard to recruit quality artisans and to create a wonderful option for us to market our treasures.  Here is the link to my shop...barely opened and nothing yet that has not been seen on Etsy, but there will be over the next month (and no, I have not gotten to changing to my Etsy sale prices yet).  I will soon be adding a fabric shop there also.  I'm excited to see where this will go:)


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Last 2 Projects for Brandenburg:)

The final 2 projects were completed and delivered at the Des Moines AQS show on Friday.  Now on to complete yet another T-shirt quilt:)

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Designs:)

Wrapping up a marathon design 2 weeks.  Mission:  to make something great with Stephanie Brandenburg's newest fabric lines Edible Garden and Plaster of Paris (7 blenders).  Here are the pics of some of what I've come up with.  I believe all of this and more is going to Fall Market in Houston at the end of the month.   Still have placemats and curtains to photograph but my brain is fried for now and I cannot for the life of me find my cafe clips for the curtains!!