Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Tshirt Quilt Completed:)

I finally completed the T-shirt quilt I made for my daughter's dance teacher as a surprise. I'm finding I like darker fabrics with T-shirt quilts...probably because the shirts are often lighter in color and it gives more contrast. This quilt though has so much color anyway. She was surprised and pleased with is fun to make something for people who will appreciate it:)

I have completed the laminate backed quilt...I will post pics after I get it bound. I do not like machine binding but with this I think I will have to. The thought of needling through that sticky laminate fabric is a recipe for major frustration.

Another pic of my kitties:) We have nearly 3000 square feet in this house (including the basement) and most of the time at least 3/4 cats can be found in my studio!

Friday, July 22, 2011

More Destashing

I listed a bunch of destash fabrics yesterday. I have so very much more to get through but it all takes time:) Something new coming...I am making scarves. Something I have wanted to do for a long time as once the cold hits I am never outside without one. These are patchwork on the front and minkee on the back. Here is a sneak peak:)

Aside from this I have been working on quilts for friends...a laminate backed quilt for soccer games for one and a tshirt quilt for my daughter's dance teacher as a surprise. The soccer quilt is taking me forever because I am on my 3rd one! Ok, this is your lesson to plan ahead...the first one I just picked up some fabrics and started cutting...realizing half way through I did not have enough of the focus fabric to make it as big as I wanted. The second one came along beautifully and I love it, but again I did not really plan as it was about 10 inches too long to fit the laminate backing I bought for it...heavy sigh. Now the third one is on the design wall and although I rather like it I am wondering if she is going to think it is too bold and obnoxious! At this point however I am thinking I will go ahead and make it anyway. If she does not care for it I will keep that one and make yet another as I bought 2 laminate designs. You see, I have good intentions of being timely!

Off to sew:)