Wednesday, June 29, 2011

For Me:)

I've been thinking ... scary, I know. My thought is I deserve to have my own king size quilt (or 2 or 3) and a few quilted doo dads around my house that are not for sale. So, although I do have a closet full of work, I am going to fit in some time each day to work on projects for myself. I think I deserve it:) And I so very much want to own some of these things! It is crazy the way we get when we are sellers, or trying to be. Everything we make is done with someone else in mind. We have to be careful to hold onto all that we love about our talents. I have lost that part where I actually have something beautiful to call mine in the end. So, hopefully very soon I can begin posting my new things:) I do have a king size quilt that is about 1/3 completed. I think I will start with that. Oh, the fabric I have!!! It is insane actually, but I do so very much love it.

Ok, enough for now...ooh, except for a couple of pics of our vacation to North Carolina...well, they won't load, so will try again in a while:(