Monday, May 24, 2010

Disaster House!

Does anyone else out there have trouble being creative in the midst of chaos?? dumb question I guess but as much as I want to sew and create right now I need to declutter, organize, clean and make space NOW! Starting with the garage today...I have a new shed ordered that will hold much of the valuable stuff I have out there, but its gonna be a month before it gets here and is ready to be filled. I cannot wait that long. I want to retile the laundry room floor but I cannot clear out that room until the garage is cleaned up...that whole domino effect that freezes us up so we do nothing!

My main motivation is thinking that somehow I'll find more space for my studio if I get rid of a bunch of stuff that is cluttering my mind. Maybe I'll only end up with mental space, but that's the main issue, isn't it? Our perspective on something is always changeable ... it's a choice to think of something in a negative manner. Sooooo...I'll declutter AGAIN. Maybe break my promise to NEVER have another garage sale, and in the process declutter my brain so it is freer to create.

Good luck to me!!!

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