Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coming in September to The Meandering Thread at Etsy!

I posted this before it was sewn together. Completed now and ready for quilting!

Halloween table topper/wall hanging.

Wall hanging...I love halloween fabrics!!

Finally got to playing just a bit with the new Stephanie Brandenburg fabrics. This is just a simple idea of how great this stuff is!

I recently bought a vintage pink irish chain baby blanket...torn and used, but oh so soft and beautiful. This is my modern take on that beauty

Simple hearts quilt for a sweet little girl.

Halloween table runner mostly made from a cool striped fabric I bought last year. These are so fun to make!

And, my favorite! The ghosts and words fabrics are metallics...very fun and cool...just wait until I quilt little ghosts and cobwebs all over it::)

So, you can see I've not been idle! I cleaned up my sewing room this morning...I am a messy quilter:) Now I must get to my Gammill and get all these quilted and bound so I can put them on Etsy! it will take some discipline though as I've just washed all my Halloween fabrics and they are calling out to me to make something of them. I have some really great stuff ... but first I must catch up and get these done. We're headed out on vacation in a week so we'll see what I manage to accomplish before that.
More later!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My nemesis...Time

Wow...I've been gone from here a long time. Time...there never seems to be enough of it, but I'm trying to make the most of it. I recently spent quite a lot of it working with an Etsy customer who wanted 3 king size quilts. I learned a great deal about shipping overseas and communicating on design ideas. It seems it has all fallen through, but my greatest lesson has been to be true to myself and what I want from this experience. Getting talked into working for less than I'm worth ... well, it does not make for a happy quilter. I am grateful for this experience at this early point in development of my shop. And it is never a waste to work on a quilt as it can always be completed and offered to another:) I'm grateful also for being 46 and thus able to look at this as such a great experience...when I was younger I would have gotten discouraged and upset. Not so now. She may be back, or she may not, but she taught me so very much about being a shop owner.

Given that...I have more time now to write and take pictures and prepare for the holidays. There are so many things I want to make. I LOVE Halloween!! Now I must find the time to put together some wonderful items from my stash of fabrics. I'll post pics this week of new projects...I'll be back and focused!!! This week anyway:)