Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back from MQS

I'm home and full of new ideas and tools and threads and ... and ... and!!! I took a couple of maintenance, thread tension classes and learned so much about thread and batting and fabric! It reinforced once again my feeling about prewashing fabrics....PREWASH EVERYTHING! It changes the final look of your quilts and makes the quilting stitches lay smoother within the quilt sandwich.

AND! Stop using sheets on your backs!! I never really like the end result as the thread count on sheets is usually at least 200 and quilt fabrics are about 78! The problem is that the needle punches through and leaves a perceptible hole in the just doesn't look as nice when it is finished. Although I don't love the look of plain muslin it is still better for a less expensive option than sheets.

Ooooh...I bought a bolt of bamboo batting!! It is so incredibly soft it makes a brand new quilt drape and wrap like one of those old old quilts that has been used to bits! I can't wait to use it. It is more expensive, but after all the expense you put into your quilts, why not spend another 15 bucks for something to make it perfect!

Just a few pics of quilts from the show. These quilts are quilting within an inch of their lives and not really made for everyday use, but they are so beautiful.

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