Sunday, May 23, 2010

Art in the Garden

Well, I did the show. Here are pics of my area. When we got there I was allowed double the space I expected so there was room to spread out...I would have brought more to decorate if I'd known, but it worked anyway. Turnout was rather pitiful...I don't think there were more than 100-150 people that came through and vendors started packing up around 2pm. But I did learn a lot which is what I wanted. It was fun to set up and see people appreciate the things I create.
We were threatened by storms all morning but they all missed us. By noon the wind was picking up and by 1pm I was chasing quilts as they blew here and there. That got a little old! Lesson learned...bring duct tape! he,he. Overall, I wish there had been more people, but I found that if I participated in a bigger show, I would not be the one vendor sitting there with no one coming through (my biggest angst)...quilts draw people whether they buy or not. The colors and beauty of them gain attention and so many people have quilts they cherish from a grandmother or someone that chatting with people is worth the trip.
I managed to take a bunch of pics throughout the day (until my battery died) so I have updating to do on my Etsy site. It was nice to have a different backdrop for display.
All for now...time to reclaim my house...what a disaster!!!!!!!!!

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