Thursday, December 16, 2010

10 days and counting!

Just 10 days to Christmas and my world is still a mess! Give it up, right? I'm currently working on a custom quilt for a woman using kids tshirts, blankets, clothing, and an old tattered favorite quilt. This is a first using parts of an old quilt so it will be interesting how I manage to work that into the design. I have ideas...just hoping my quilting machine doesn't hate the thickness of those parts. It will be a wonderful gift. I started working on it last night and I'm headed back up here shortly. I will post pics as I approach completion.

Still have not chosen a color for my kitchen...don't know why I'm so worried about's just paint and it can be redone fairly easily. Heavy sigh.

I bought a load of Cherrywood fabrics for another custom quilt...thankfully it does not have to be completed in time for Christmas. I'm making this one for a man who has always wanted a quilt of his own. I have met some really nice people doing custom's fun to work this way and meet people I'd never run across otherwise.

Check out Cherrywood fabrics...just google them. Soooo pretty, suede appearance. Can't wait to hold them in my hands. Great company to work with. Good customer service and small enough to feel comfortable and welcome. It runs $14/yard so no mistakes allowed on this! I'm making 2 for him and one for the site so look for it after the holidays on my Etsy:)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Life and it's snowing in Iowa!

Well, the first snow is here...quite beautiful! Here's a shot from my sunporch door:) And of course the first wet dog pic of the year. Right after I took this pic she shook all the wet off all over my computer desk!

Chaos has resumed around here impeding my ability to drywall repairs in progress...can't walk anywhere around my house though I've managed to get to the coffee pot!

And, cute kid pic:) My best friend was here from NC ...her daughter is my daughter's best friend also. Just had to share:)

I'll get back to the sewing room eventually!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Etsy shop to check out

Quick post just to share an Etsian that I LOVE!!! Check out I don't have time right now to figure out how to import photos from her site on here, but as soon as I do I'll add some. Brilliant colors...just plain beautiful!!! I want to order something but I can't choose ... there are so many I love. When life settles down around here I'll make a decision. I'm in the middle of numerous, unplanned home projects as well as custom work and various appointments...all good, no great, stuff...just all at once. I used to be better at this multitasking, million things going deal...not so much now but I'll make it as always:)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Quilts in the Closet

I've been digging through my closet and pulling out quilts that need to be quilted, finding backings for them and getting it all organized. I thought I'd post pics of my upcoming quilts (well, most of the 'quilts in the closet'...the wind picked a fight with me before I completed all my pics). So here is a little show of what is to come. If you are perusing this and see one that you love, you can always contact me and I can give you a cost, get it quilted asap, and list it for you:) I have a few more but I'll put up pics of those at a later date. I wouldn't want to overwhelm anyone:)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cotton Charts

Okay, I'm in part just playing with my new IMac to see what I can do...and in part this is interesting. Here is the graph showing the increase in cotton prices over this past year. Just a little bit of fun:)

December 1st and Counting!

Where is the time going?? It's the first of December...I have our tree up, 80 percent of Christmas gifts purchased, 2 new quilts listed and 2 more by tomorrow....ummm...the house is a mess, my sewing room is chaos. Well all is as planned I guess:)

I went on a little fabric binge the other day....very much fun. I was good though and the vast majority was blender fabrics...with the exception of a cute snowman kit (which I can make and list on Etsy) and the newest Laurel Burch fabric...just the main print though. I do love Laurel Burch; bright beautiful colors and amazing unique designs. I will be listing a cat quilt later using her fabrics.

I just read on line that cotton is supposed to increase in price after the first of the year...that's not good...fabric is already pushing the $10/yard mark...what's next?? I suppose I could not buy anymore fabric and use what I I could ever stop buying fabric!! It is a bit tough though to be paying the $10, let alone $11 or $12. I guess we'll see how bad it all gets. I just pulled up the stock trading charts online and prices have doubled since it's not just rumor. The big question will be whether once prices go up, will they ever come back down again. The price is already dropping from that highest level.

Okay, I suppose it is time to get to work now. I had a quilt headed to Canada that never made it:( Thankfully it is one that I can remake as I still have the fabric, so that is my agenda for today...I pieced it yesterday and today I will quilt it so I can get it bound and resent off. No more USPS...gotta stick with UPS or FED EX from now on. Lesson learned...could have been worse and the man was very very nice in giving me a chance to fix this.

Life is Good!!