Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Banner design

I'm finally figuring out how to adjust my pics to fit a banner on Etsy or the header here on blogspot! Well, I should say my husband figured it out last night using fireworks. I must get over my fear of clicking on the wrong thing...nothing catastrophic will happen:) Anyway, I managed to put a new header on here though I will find something better later on...the words don't show too much if I put them over the pic. Yeeha! I don't have to rely on someone else to design my things. Now, I do have much more learning to do, but at least this is a start.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Disaster House!

Does anyone else out there have trouble being creative in the midst of chaos?? dumb question I guess but as much as I want to sew and create right now I need to declutter, organize, clean and make space NOW! Starting with the garage today...I have a new shed ordered that will hold much of the valuable stuff I have out there, but its gonna be a month before it gets here and is ready to be filled. I cannot wait that long. I want to retile the laundry room floor but I cannot clear out that room until the garage is cleaned up...that whole domino effect that freezes us up so we do nothing!

My main motivation is thinking that somehow I'll find more space for my studio if I get rid of a bunch of stuff that is cluttering my mind. Maybe I'll only end up with mental space, but that's the main issue, isn't it? Our perspective on something is always changeable ... it's a choice to think of something in a negative manner. Sooooo...I'll declutter AGAIN. Maybe break my promise to NEVER have another garage sale, and in the process declutter my brain so it is freer to create.

Good luck to me!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Art in the Garden

Well, I did the show. Here are pics of my area. When we got there I was allowed double the space I expected so there was room to spread out...I would have brought more to decorate if I'd known, but it worked anyway. Turnout was rather pitiful...I don't think there were more than 100-150 people that came through and vendors started packing up around 2pm. But I did learn a lot which is what I wanted. It was fun to set up and see people appreciate the things I create.
We were threatened by storms all morning but they all missed us. By noon the wind was picking up and by 1pm I was chasing quilts as they blew here and there. That got a little old! Lesson learned...bring duct tape! he,he. Overall, I wish there had been more people, but I found that if I participated in a bigger show, I would not be the one vendor sitting there with no one coming through (my biggest angst)...quilts draw people whether they buy or not. The colors and beauty of them gain attention and so many people have quilts they cherish from a grandmother or someone that chatting with people is worth the trip.
I managed to take a bunch of pics throughout the day (until my battery died) so I have updating to do on my Etsy site. It was nice to have a different backdrop for display.
All for now...time to reclaim my house...what a disaster!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Enough rain already!!!

Well, I still cannot set up out in the driveway! More rain/drizzle...bleah. I tried setting up in my dining room yesterday but there just wasn't space and I made a huge mess with the help of buttercup who needed to be in the middle of everything!!! NOT helping since I'm 'defurring' everything also! pics yet, but one way or another I'm gonna set up somewhere today! Trying to figure out how to keep everything from blowing away tomorrow also. winds expected and ... well, I'll have to do the best I can. It's all good, right?!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm working on finishing projects for the art in the garden show this saturday. What I'm realizing is that I need to make more stuff!!!!!! ARgh...when I'm trying to find places to store quilts I feel like I have millions but now that I hung them up on a rack, there just are not that many. Hmmmm. Now I do have many that need quilting as always...but I have only about 40 items for the show...well, I also have some pillowcases and light switch covers, but ... well I guess I'll be working with what I have. I'll be setting up shop in my driveway in the next day or so and will post pics of potential layouts. I need walls!!! Must get creative...and fast!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Ok, I just deleted that section...for now that will do:)

Just messed up my pages!

I was playing around with colors and such and somehow ended up with a huge space between the greeting and posts...arg! me and computers! Gotta figure out how to undo all that blank space...

Back from MQS

I'm home and full of new ideas and tools and threads and ... and ... and!!! I took a couple of maintenance, thread tension classes and learned so much about thread and batting and fabric! It reinforced once again my feeling about prewashing fabrics....PREWASH EVERYTHING! It changes the final look of your quilts and makes the quilting stitches lay smoother within the quilt sandwich.

AND! Stop using sheets on your backs!! I never really like the end result as the thread count on sheets is usually at least 200 and quilt fabrics are about 78! The problem is that the needle punches through and leaves a perceptible hole in the just doesn't look as nice when it is finished. Although I don't love the look of plain muslin it is still better for a less expensive option than sheets.

Ooooh...I bought a bolt of bamboo batting!! It is so incredibly soft it makes a brand new quilt drape and wrap like one of those old old quilts that has been used to bits! I can't wait to use it. It is more expensive, but after all the expense you put into your quilts, why not spend another 15 bucks for something to make it perfect!

Just a few pics of quilts from the show. These quilts are quilting within an inch of their lives and not really made for everyday use, but they are so beautiful.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Off to MQS!!!

Well, I'm off to Machine Quilter's Showcase 2010!! Yay! I go to this nearly every year even if it is only a quick trip. This year I'm headed out for 3 days. I'm attending 3 classes and I'll have the time to browse and shop and really look at the quilts. AND...I get 2 nights in a hotel all by myself! I love hotels (by myself anyway)!! It is pouring down rain here so I imagine my drive will be a bit damp. Oh well. It will be a good trip...and my Meg created a special stone for me with her own magic to keep me safe while I'm gone:)

My little one (well, not so little at 11) will be missing me, and I her. She is used to me being here even if she doesn't need anything. But her daddy has promised to keep her busy with fun activities and even a campout in the back yard. Last time they did this (I hate camping:(), our great pyrenee and one cat slept with them. Bella (the pyrenee) is such a good travel, camping, and overall companion dog. They should have a good time and Meg will be looking forward to seeing what I manage to find for her while I'm gone.

I have so many new quilts/table runners/stuff to put up on my site when I get home!!! The weather here has been dreary everytime I get the chance to take pics. So hopefully, things will clear up, dry off and I can get some things posted next week while I prepare for the art show on the 22nd!! If anyone is from Des Moines, check out the art in the garden show at Ted's Garden Center in Cumming! It is a beautiful place and I didn't even know it existed until now!

Okay, off to pack up the car and head out for inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Favorite On-line Shops

I added some of my very favorite shops to the side bar. Etsy has so many very talented artists ... I just can't get enough! Greenlee's forest jewelry is run by a dear friend who is so very talented. I have many pieces from her and the beauty and quality is unsurpassed!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Art in the Garden

Well, I committed to do the art in the garden show. I'm very excited about it even though I'm fully aware that I may sell nothing:) I want to make some sort of banner advertising Etsy as well as my quilts. So many people still don't know what Etsy is and they could have so much fun buying really cool items on there. It is a dangerous place for people like me! Lots of preparations to be made and many projects to finish in time for it.

I made some business cards on my scrapbook factory program. They turned out rather cool, but I still love my amy brown angel from my old cards (the woman who made them is out of business:() hmmm. cannot get to my new design right now. oh well.
Tons of new projects completed in the past couple weeks. Gotta get some pics up and get to quilting them all! Speaking of which I'd better get to it now...I have much to accomplish over the next couple of weeks!