Saturday, November 26, 2011

Recovering and Second Shop Open****

I wish that referred to recovering from Thanksgiving fun, but no, it refers to recovering from a horrible cold...well, I hope the recovery part will start today. Better now than Christmas though I guess. I hope everyone out there is well and enjoying the kick off to the holidays:)

I am a week behind on custom orders but I think I will catch up alright this time...doing better on that procrastination problem I tend to have. And it only took 47 years!

I am slowly putting up new pics on my listings as well as new photos of existing listings. I hired a local photographer to help me out with this. Her site is She has been photographing several families in town and was willing to dive into the world of inanimate objects. We still have a few quirks to work out, but she is so open to suggestion and really loves photography so I am hoping for a long-term relationship here. Pics today are hers.

**** Important news: I have started up a second shop on Etsy. I have the need to feel more orderly by separating fabric for sale from finished quilts. I will see how it all goes but I am hoping that each shop will have a cleaner, more organized feel to them. Several quilts will show up on both sites for awhile. I will let the listings expire on meandering thread naturally. My new shop is Crazyquiltgirl17...for now...I have one chance to change the name so I am thinking long and hard how I want to do that. So, check out the new stock at

Friday, November 18, 2011


Finding balance in life when your work is what you love is so difficult for me. I have a million ideas and a closet full of quilts that need to be finished and obsessing about it all consumes me. Today I vow to breathe...and enjoy...and find balance for today anyway. I have my lists made, projects on the machine and more ready to fly but time will be made for all the other very important things in life!

Pics to follow soon of all that I am working on...several new items for Etsy are on the way:)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Quilt Magazine!! Seriously??!!

It seems the City Gardens quilt I made with the Brandenburg fabric will be in Quilt Magazine soon! I received an email yesterday from Stephanie asking for my permission...uh, yeah...! They will be taking photos on Friday I guess:) Very cool, very fun...but I will believe it when I see it:) Here's the quilt again: I will keep you posted:)