Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stop and Smell the Roses

Some days...well weeks, I forget to be calm and remember to love what I do; not race through to the next thing at warp speed. It is impossible to love anything when you are too close to that list with a sharpie marker waiting to check things off. Last night I remembered that and slowed down. Note to self: Make a sign reminding myself to enjoy and slow down. It's kind of like when we are driving and we have that urgency to get somewhere and we pass people and curse under our breath and then you realize you made it to that stop light just in front of the guy you so desperately needed to pass! Rushing really doesn't save us that much time (exception: cleaning house) in the end. It just makes the process more painful and sucks the life out of life. I'm going to try hard to remember this over the next few weeks as I live in the now for the holiday season.

The quilt pics are of the bargello quilts I recently completed for a woman in Oklahoma for whom I've quilted for 8 + years. She is a meticulous piecer; all the points match and everything is perfectly constructed. I love quilting for her despite frequent fears of messing up her beautiful work. I just thought I'd share these for their beauty and to prove:) that I've not been idle these past weeks. I've nearly cleared out my customer quilts and I started yesterday on the 20+ quilts in the closet that need to be quilted and listed on Etsy. (hence the origin of the list that made me miserable yesterday).

So, today I'll be calmer and productive and love what I do...and put the list away!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New IMac!!!

I just bought a new computer!! It's the IMac and it is so cool! No more freezing up computer issues:) I'm so excited! And the photo software alone is amazing...I can do anything!! It's going to take some learning but even tonight at my first lesson I remembered things from using Macs waaaay back when I was in college. This is so cool!

How cute is this baby??!!! Just pulling up random pics from iphotos. You may see a lot of random stuff for awhile:) But isn't she just gorgeous:) She's 11 now, and still beautiful...