Thursday, March 18, 2010

No time to sew!

My days are escaping me with things to do that do not include fabric and thread! Typically I'm up by 6:15 and in one sewing room or another by 7. It's been 2 days already and most of today is booked up also. Waaahhh! Maybe friday will be mine. The wonderful thing: so far I'm not 'in the sewing room by 7' out of force...i just wanna be there. After working for so many years and even having all the deadlines from doing quilts for others, this feels so good. Even the quilts I'm doing for others are inviting to me again. Thus far all this feels right and getting to this point as spring approaches is a wonderful combination. It is also nearing time to make our new treasure maps for 2010! Very exciting time!!!

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