Friday, March 5, 2010

My quilting spaces

Okay, how about some quilting stuff! Here are my quilting spaces. My monster machine (Gammill) in my room with my favorite things. My sewing room has been moved to the back of our theatre room. I tried to work in the room with the Gammill, but it was just too cozy so I took over another space. Still not quite what I'd like to have...everything in the same room would be fabulous in my next house...but it all works for now. My current work in progress is that civil war quilt on the design wall. Not sure I'm going to want to sell it but we'll see. You probably can't see too well, but I am a flea market freak and I collect various antiques to repurpose into fabric storage...things like egg baskets, old tool boxes, and my cutting table which is a 50s kitchen cabinet. I can spend hours searching for such things! They may sit around awhile before I figure out what to do with them, but eventually something hits me and I'm in love with the result. The big board over my cutting table was found at a garage sale last summer...a little spray paint and it is the perfect spot for pics and design ideas! And all for only $10!!
And yes, that is a poster of Buffy the vampire slayer in the background!!! LOVE that show!!!

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