Sunday, March 14, 2010

Current In-Progress

I've been sewing off and on this week and this is what I've managed to accomplish. the coffee table topper is a pattern I purchased last year. The other 3 are designs I put together this week ... all baby/kids quilts. Fun fabrics and playing with colors. Obviously the crayon and sports quilts are incomplete, but I'll get it done and get them on the machine soon I hope! I LOVE those froggies!!!

The sports quilt is done in flannels and minkee (black). I have never pieced with minkee before and at first thought I never will again! It is slippery and moves all over the place...then a friend told me to try using my walking foot...will try that in the morning and hopefully completing it won't make me tear my hair out. It makes such a great tactile experience on a quilt front that I'd hate to give up on trying it in other quilts. I'll let you know if it works:)

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