Thursday, March 11, 2010

Busy brain

My internet has been down and boy does that make one feel lost! How did we survive pre-internet?

I just hired an Etsy artist to make a banner for my site. I am so excited to see what she'll come up with! I kept thinking I'd do it but it felt like a bad homework assignment so I finally decided to find someone else to do my 'homework':) My brain is bursting with ideas for my site...there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything so I'm reminding myself to focus on one thing, do it well, then move to the next. Fabric design has really gone crazy this past year. There are so many new designs I just love! It seemed for a few years that everything looked like the year before.

I designed a placemat/table runner combo this week. Here is the prototype placemat. I want to quilt and wash it before I continue to be sure it will come out alright/lay flat etc. I'm learning so much with my new mindset of 'would I buy this' and learned the hard way to go back to prewashing EVERYTHING! I have never had any fabric fade onto a quilt in all these years, but recently had one light fabric turn pink in a fall fabric does that happen?? Just one fabric took on the dyes from the backing??!! It seems the majority of quilters do not prewash so I tried it for awhile...done! I never really minded doing it in the first place. Ah well, lesson learned and I still love the quilt so no big deal. I had a backing disaster also...the t-shirt quilt I made for my husband is destroyed...well, still functional but not beautiful...the backing faded all over it. No more backings of unknown origin either.

Ok, off to make something fun and beautiful. Oooh! the sun just came out! Everything is melting here in Iowa...finally! I'm so ready to move on to another season....

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  1. Wow, this is very very pretty!

    Also, I can't WAIT to see your banner! Very exciting. Loved the homework analogy...effective too, gave me that sick homework feeling! haha!