Friday, October 1, 2010

I really need to clone myself!

Help! My house has been taken over by quilts!! Wait...that's a good thing! I've been taking photos, listing and relisting, sewing custom quilts and pulling out partially completed projects and getting them finished up...if only I didn't need to sleep! My first big custom project is completed, shipped, and happily received:) It's so great when I get such wonderful feedback from buyers for this 'work' I love so much:)

It's time for a new computer now ... part of my sporadic communication on this blog is my frustration with my current computer. I bought it back when I did little more than check my email but now I've outgrown this and plan to upgrade very soon to a much faster processor and graphics card. That will eliminate my frustration with slow loading and untimely shut downs. I will however have to finally take the time to understand just how this technology works and to use it to my advantage. Time for that...well, I'll find it as we always find the time for the things that are important to us...right?

I'll have some more new listings soon for the holidays, but first we'll be heading to Chicago's American Girl store next week for a birthday celebration for one of Meg's good friends. We leave next Wednesday and when we return I'll be refreshed and filled with sewing plans for October...and a new computer too!!

Off to work!

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