Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I met Stephanie Brandenburg!!!!

I went out of my comfort zone at the Des Moines AQS quilt show and introduced myself to Stephanie Brandenburg!!! Pic here:) I had spoken to her a couple years ago at another local show but this time I actually approached her and told her how much I love her designs. She is soooooo nice and she actually said if I came up with any good designs maybe she would take it to quilt market??!! Did I hear that right? Maybe it was my own hopes, but I came home and was inspired to create a quilt from my urban art fabrics ... this is what I came up with.
These fabrics are so rich and beautiful. Turns out this is not a difficult quilt to make, but writing a pattern would be challenging because of the fussy cutting. It can be done; I just need to think it through. It uses a load of the focus fabric...4 yards I think...with lots of leftovers so I'm thinking I need to come up with smaller projects to use up the remains. Now I have to get out of my comfort zone again and email her to see what she thinks...whoa...that is a tough one for me...putting a design out there for someone elses approval? But then, what do I have to lose, right? I love it and that is good. Maybe she'll like it too? I'll let you know after I swallow my fears and reach out...wish me luck!

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