Sunday, July 4, 2010


Ok, I got all my new fabric on Etsy...why isn't everyone snapping it up???? :) Shouldn't everyone love it as much as I do and be as impulsive a fabric shopper as I am?? he,he...patience. This is my favorite ... if I had to choose...I love the reds and orange and the whole concept of "ME" as a "Work in Progress". I'm thinking hard what I want to make from this for my home...seems like a good reminder of all the changes in life and how we are just works in progress...just when we think we got it figured life throws a twist. It may be college, marriage, a new baby...or an 11 year old giving you more time to reinvent yourself (guess which one I am:)), but we are constantly evolving/revolving/some days spinning wildly out of control, but what a ride!!!!!! Despite the angst I cause myself with my thoughts I wouldn't trade any of it...LIFE IS GOOD!!

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