Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fabric anyone?!

Instead of sewing lately I have been sorting through fabric...reorganizing what I love and parting with things I may still love, but cannot see myself getting to. I'm listing my destash fabrics on Etsy so someone can get some use out of them:) The rest I am lovingly moving about in part to remind myself to STOP BUYING MORE FABRIC!! There is no way that I can ever use what I do have let alone more but I am as always hopelessly addicted. It is good to go through things and be inspired/reinspired and just reminded of what there is to work with. Pics are of my messes...the stuff on the ironing board includes all the blenders and such I needed washed and ironed so they are ready for use. Then there are piles and the fabric in the cabinet that I intend to offer for sale (to make room for new:)). Do ya think I have a problem????

I've ordered more of Stephanie Brandenburg's fabrics also for sale so they will eventually be listed. I am having trouble getting Camelot to communicate with me through email at the moment so I guess I'm going to have to call them directly. I ordered bolts 3 weeks ago and have not heard anything...heavy sigh.

Anyway, thought I'd entertain you with my obsessions:)

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