Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My favorite things:)

This is a quilt I just completed for a man in Oklahoma...the top is one started by his mother I believe and the last of 3 he had me complete for his girls. These quilts come to me anything but laying flat; imperfect seams and rather randomly sewn together, but as you can see my motto stands: "It will quilt out!" It consistently amazes me what imperfections will disappear once a quilt is quilted into submission:)

Now on to our new family member Mocha! We finally added another kitten to our zoo. She's fitting in well as her personality is not one of confrontation but rather she goes with the flow and doesn't dive into another animal's space until it's okay. She met Bella early on and wanted to play as long as she had high ground:) Now she's actually playing with our 4 year old buttercup (as of today). Kittens are so much fun!

And finally (will I ever remember to put my pics in reverse order on here?) Meg and her friend had their american girls out playing in the snow...just had to share this one:)

Just wanted to share a few of my favorite things:)

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