Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Now what do I do??!!

Okay, so Etsy suggests I blog. Sooooooo.........

It's 6:30am here in Iowa. Still so much snow and we're all so weary of the cold. As my mother always says though..."this too shall pass". I'm wanting to open up all the windows and bring in fresh spring air, sit out on my deck and soak in some sunshine, and watch the kids play outdoors using their 'outside' voices to their hearts content!

Soon. Well, actually for us, friday! We're headed to North Carolina to escape the weather here and visit our bestest friends. Much warmer there and great company. They live on a farm with horses, goats, chickens, and of course dogs and a cat. We won't be lonely. And I cannot wait to hit a local quilt shop! You never know what you will find in a new city. Like I need more fabric, but as they (who is 'they' anyway??!!) say....it's cheaper than therapy! (sometimes:))

Time to refresh my coffee and see what this looks like so far. Are you hooked yet? hehe.

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