Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm learning!

Pics below are hank (yoga dog!), Lily in her christmas duds:), Jessie on the fireplace mantel, and buttercup helping with meg's project. Then husband and meg of course. Trying to figure out how to subtitle them. And I still need to upload Bella and Oliver...here goes....
okay, still not sure how to make this look more organized...but all in time I guess. Hey, isn't this blog supposed to be about quilting??? Later i guess...that's all for now!


  1. Yay, finally! I get to see regular pictures!!!

    Your blog looks beautiful T. And I'm your first follower. If it's anything like being a stalker, I will be awesome at it! :)

  2. As always you crack me up! and i can always count on you for support and encouragement!!!!