Monday, September 24, 2012

Not Slacking, I Promise!

It's been a busy crazy couple of weeks!  But all good.  I'm working on some designs for Stephanie Brandenburg to take to the AQS show here in Des Moines next week as well as Fall Market.  Of course my natural procrastination style is in play here...I started all this a week ago thereby creating a massive amount of work for myself.  I'd would have been alright if I had not already had 3 T-shirt quilts and 5 quilts waiting to be quilted for customers.  So, I finished one T-shirt quilt and am ready to quilt another all in the midst of creating 4 new designs using the Edible Garden and Plaster of Paris fabrics by Brandenburg.  It has been so much fun but the pressure is on now for the next 4 days!  Wish me luck and great focus:)

Soon you will see the new designs, but for now here is my latest T-shirt quilt:)

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