Friday, September 2, 2011

Should I open a second shop??

I need some feedback...I am considering opening a second Etsy shop that will sell fabric only. It seems to me that The Meandering Thread is cluttered with all the fabric and as such not so easy to find what you want. If you would take a second to tell me what you think I would greatly appreciate it. I have at least 100 yards of destash fabric I need to list so I want to make this decision before I begin that process.

Thanks in advance for your input!!!


  1. Definitely a fabric shop! One of my greatest weaknesses.

  2. I've decided I agree with chocolate dog studio...preparing to clear out my quilts on Etsy...put new on another site on both Etsy and a new Etsy-ish site called Goodsmiths...check it out! I think I'm gonna like having things separate.