Friday, July 22, 2011

More Destashing

I listed a bunch of destash fabrics yesterday. I have so very much more to get through but it all takes time:) Something new coming...I am making scarves. Something I have wanted to do for a long time as once the cold hits I am never outside without one. These are patchwork on the front and minkee on the back. Here is a sneak peak:)

Aside from this I have been working on quilts for friends...a laminate backed quilt for soccer games for one and a tshirt quilt for my daughter's dance teacher as a surprise. The soccer quilt is taking me forever because I am on my 3rd one! Ok, this is your lesson to plan ahead...the first one I just picked up some fabrics and started cutting...realizing half way through I did not have enough of the focus fabric to make it as big as I wanted. The second one came along beautifully and I love it, but again I did not really plan as it was about 10 inches too long to fit the laminate backing I bought for it...heavy sigh. Now the third one is on the design wall and although I rather like it I am wondering if she is going to think it is too bold and obnoxious! At this point however I am thinking I will go ahead and make it anyway. If she does not care for it I will keep that one and make yet another as I bought 2 laminate designs. You see, I have good intentions of being timely!

Off to sew:)

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