Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shop Hop In Iowa Today

I'm off to the local quilt shop hop today with my MIL. I'm certain I will find some wonderful things to share with you:) For anyone who does not know, a shop hop is when shops get together and set up discounts, prizes, and treats as well as extended hours for a weekend. The idea is to hit all the shops, get your card stamped at each and turn it in for a drawing for bigger prizes. The one here in the Des Moines area isn't really all that great compared to some (sorry des moines)--there are only 5 shops and you really can do it in about 4 or 5 hours. A really good shop hop in my opinion will require about 12 hours of your day and careful planning to make it all in one day (it goes on for 4 days--just more fun to do it all in one). We'll have fun anyway:)

I've been busy working on quilts since my last entry. This time of year...before graduations/weddings etc, business picks up a bit. I had to put up my quilt (I'm trying to make myself a king size for my bed...yes, this will be the first one!) temporarily but I will get back to it.

We took a trip to Florida at the end of February though to escape the cold (see pics--the dolphins were playing in the wake of our water taxi to the island). However, the cold decided to come back to get us today--it is a whopping 30 degrees right now:( Not fair! But spring is coming and I can sew with open windows and no sweater soon.

I know I am obsessed but Treasure Maps are just a short time away! We have a friend who is going to join us this year so we'll set up a huge table, treats and music and have at it! We're very excited to see how our boards come out this year. There are always some surprises:)

Business note: I am in the process of listing a pile of quilting books...I had (well, still have) so darn many and there are so many new good ones coming out that I had to purge. Anyway, I have not gotten them all listed yet AND I am going to list them in a you choose 2-3-4 combo for 12-16-21 bucks respectively including shipping. If you find such a combo you like before I get this set up tomorrow or saturday, convo me and I'll pull the books you want right away and set up a listing for you. More destash fabric coming also!!

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